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An Introduction to what the Annoying Marketing Blog is about

April 8, 2011

In my working life I have attended a number of courses on Selling, Negotiation, Business Development etc. and although I have learnt a lot on some of these courses in most it seemed to me they were stating the bloody obvious or repeating straight from the in vogue marketing books spouting out buzzwords, phrases and various anagrams in front of power point presentations.

With the development of the internet and in more recent times social media those so-called marketers out there seem to have got worse, more copying from the same dozen or so marketing ‘Gurus’ and trying to get us believing that companies will not exist in the future if we don’t embrace ‘Facebook, Twitter and YouTube’, all while checking our analytics and Google page ranking.

Now I don’t disagreed with some of what is said out there about social marketing, because if you are a major national or international company selling branded products to the general public in a populated market and spending hundreds of thousands if not millions in marketing then you need to take all marketing possibilities into account and keep up with the latest trends in social media, based on that your company will grow or not depending on how successful your marketing is.

What as the title of this blog gets me is the ‘Annoying Marketing’ practices  used and followed by so-called marketers trying to sell to small / medium businesses. Most of which is copied from the major marketing companies and gurus and applied in the wrong context. Basically selling to small and medium businesses marketing techniques and strategies that they didn’t need and won’t work all with a good dose of buzzwords, anagrams and modern sales / technology patter.

What I hope to do with this blog and with the help of the genuine marketers and people out there is to highlight the Annoying Marketing practices, techniques and bad habits used by some marketers which we come across every day in our lives and at home which we could well do with out.

Now its off my soap box and I welcome your comments and ‘Annoying Marketing’ examples…

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