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Why the ‘No Handshake’ Picture in the Heading

May 1, 2011


Why the ‘ Barred Handshake’ or ‘ No Handshake ‘ picture, plain and simple how many times have you seen a website from a marketing company and see a standard stock photo of a hand shake, if its not on the front page it will be in there somewhere usually in the part where they talk about ‘working with you’.


    .   .


Its annoying because most of these marketing firms are the ones selling social media marketing or Internet marketing of some sort, no actual being there and shaking hands, no being there to welcome those perspective clients they promise to get you to your office, its a false stock photo and means nothing.

To me if your looking for a good marketing firm look for something unusual in their website and literature something more imaginative and if you see the ‘Standard Handshake’ well thats a big minus mark against that firm for me when weighing them up against others.


There are other standard stock pictures and graphics used by some companies that can not be bothered which I will cover in future posts but if you know of any that are REALLY ANNOYING and want to bring them to my attention make a comment and a link in the box below.


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